Friday, March 20, 2015

Boy Scout Troops Invited: Lake Geneva Zip Line Canopy Tour & EARN the STEM Whoosh! Nova Award on Saturday, April 25th

TIME: 8:30 AM to Noon                                 COST: $70
REGISTER online at or call 262.248.9271

Space is limited. NOTE: Nova prerequisites must be completed prior to attending.  

STEM Whoosh! Nova Award
(designed to help you explore how engineering affects your life each day).
Prerequisites: Before attending the Canopy Tour, complete the following  Nova requirements on your own:
1.       1.) Watch or read about three hours of engineering related shows, documentaries or articles/books about engineering, motion or motion-inspired technology. You can do three hours of watching, three hours of reading, or a combination of the two that totals three hours. (Shows can include things like Top Gear, How It’s Made, Nova, TED talks, etc.  Magazines may include things like Popular Mechanics, Scientific American, Popular Astronomy, etc.) Make a list of at least five questions from what you watched or read. Be prepared to discuss two of your questions at the Canopy Tour.

2. Complete one of the following merit badges. You may use a merit badge you have already earned, as long as you have not already used it for another Nova award. Be prepared to discuss how the badge you earned uses engineering.

These are the qualifying merit badges for the STEM Nova Whoosh! Award:
Archery, Aviation, Composite Materials, Drafting, Electronics, Engineering, Inventing, Model Design & Building, Railroading, Rifle Shooting, Robotics, Shotgun Shooting. All other requirements will be completed at the event with certified Nova counselors.

Sneak peak of the STEM & Program Staff zip lining with the Lake Geneva Canopy Tour Guides to coordinate the program: 


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