Monday, June 8, 2015

Animation Merit Badge Requirements Released & Microsoft Woodfield to Offer Animation Merit Badge Workshop on July 19th @ 1:15 pm

To earn this merit badge, Scouts will be asked to demonstrate their knowledge of animation and its rich history. They will learn the principles of animation, complete hands-on design projects, have opportunities to participate in virtual or in-person tours of animation studios and businesses to see how animation is used. Scouts will learn how animation is not only used in their video games and movies, but also for practical business purposes – factory simulations, satellite tracking, medical procedures and even predicting the weather.

Microsoft Woodfield Store will be offering the Animation Merit Badge Workshop on 
July 19th at 1:15 pm. Click HERE for more information and to register! 

Click HERE for all Microsoft Merit Badge Workshops this Summer.

Meet three of the creators of the new Animation Merit Badge:

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